Nynee Taal…..”The Emerald Eye of the Kumaon”>>>Part 1

I am a TRAVEL FREAK, and so is my gang of girls. All 6 of us belong to different communities but share the same love for travelling. And so, one weekend, all of a sudden, we decided why not make a trip to Nainitaal, fondly referred to as “The Emerald Eye of  the Kumaon”. Unfortunately, 1 of my friends could not make it for the trip, due to some obligations. Nevertheless, rest of us made up our mind, to travel the next day early morning to Nainitaal. Although decision was taken quite late, arounDSCN1417d 10 o’clock on friday night, we rushed into full mood, by gathering numbers of different hotels from internet, calling them, asking for availability of rooms. Alas, we did not get any positive response 😦 . However, we were not disheartened. Continue reading “Nynee Taal…..”The Emerald Eye of the Kumaon”>>>Part 1″