6 important things I experienced while I travelled in India

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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page~~~Saint Augustine

There are many different things in life to be learnt till you grow old. There are many different mediums that can teach you to change for the better. So, here are some of most important points, I feel , which I learnt from my travels. May be some of you can reflect on these and apply them in your lives. Happy & safe travelling to all !!!

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The story of ….not just a Cat

Gupal, resting on his chair
Gupal, resting on his chair

Now this is someone very close to my heart & also my Papa’s. He was one of the family members. He came to our house in the year 2004. I do not remember the exact date when he was born, as he was descendant to a cat family in my neighbour’s house. So, I used to celebrate his birthday on the 1st of June every year.   Continue reading “The story of ….not just a Cat”

Deoria Tal

Deoria Tal….a heavenly lake @8000 feet

The view of the Tal, with our green tent

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks”~~~John Muir

Through this post, I am going to take you on a journey up in the hills in the state of Uttarakhand, to a place less explored, to a place which is truly divine, to a place which radiates peace. This is Deoria Tal, a lake located in the upper crest of Rudraprayag, in the lap of nature. Continue reading “Deoria Tal….a heavenly lake @8000 feet”


Pattaya Beckons….. :)

Loma Resort & Spa
Loma Resort & Spa

A city located off the gulf of Thailand, famous for its beaches —-Pattaya 🙂 . Most commonly known as “Phatthaya” among locals, it is a small town flooded with tourists all the year around, from all parts of the world. I visited Thailand in the month of September 2013, along with my parents and our first halt was this beautiful beach town. Continue reading “Pattaya Beckons….. :)”


Chandrashila——@13800 feet above sea level



You get up one fine morning, and find yourself on the top of a hill, surrounded by captivating green meadows, the view of the clear sky with a fine streak of red line at edges to welcome the sun and above all FRESH air 🙂 . Serenity, calmness, tranquility—–words which direct to only 1 place, which I can imagine. Its definitely Chandrashila top. Continue reading “Chandrashila——@13800 feet above sea level”


Jus a thought…..

Feel the rays of Hope
Feel the rays of Hope

As if I have nothing interesting to do, I chose to have a chit chat with my monotony. This feeling may be common to many people doing jobs, i mean corporate jobs to be precise. Many may feel Corporate jobs are hectic, no proper timing to gulp down a piece meal and here I am getting all the time in the world to write a piece on this state of affairs. Continue reading “Jus a thought…..”


Nynee Taal>>>>Part 2—-Exploring the Caves

IMG_5464075591566After an adventurous journey and exciting tour of the beautiful Nainitaal the previous day, our gang was ready now to explore the remaining tourist locations- Ropeway & Eco Cave Gardens 🙂 . The Ropeway was near to the Mall Road, but there was a long queue and due to time constraint, we decided to drop the plan. Rather we rushed our way to the Eco Cave gardens. Not many people have much idea about this place, as Nainitaal is more recognised by its all famous lake-the Nynee Lake.

The pathways……

The Eco Cave Gardens are just on the entrance to Nainitaal. As I entered the garden, it reminded me of the fairy tales, I used to read during my childhood days. Lots of trees, narrow pathways, all nicely planned and made into a perfect jungle, to give every feeling to a tourist of being in the middle of a forest—like real explorers, on an exciting adventure. Continue reading “Nynee Taal>>>>Part 2—-Exploring the Caves”