6 important things I experienced while I travelled in India

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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page~~~Saint Augustine

There are many different things in life to be learnt till you grow old. There are many different mediums that can teach you to change for the better. So, here are some of most important points, I feel , which I learnt from my travels. May be some of you can reflect on these and apply them in your lives. Happy & safe travelling to all !!!

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The story of ….not just a Cat

Gupal, resting on his chair

Gupal, resting on his chair

Now this is someone very close to my heart & also my Papa’s. He was one of the family members. He came to our house in the year 2004. I do not remember the exact date when he was born, as he was descendant to a cat family in my neighbour’s house. So, I used to celebrate his birthday on the 1st of June every year.   Continue reading

Jus a thought…..

Feel the rays of Hope

Feel the rays of Hope

As if I have nothing interesting to do, I chose to have a chit chat with my monotony. This feeling may be common to many people doing jobs, i mean corporate jobs to be precise. Many may feel Corporate jobs are hectic, no proper timing to gulp down a piece meal and here I am getting all the time in the world to write a piece on this state of affairs. Continue reading

my very first post…..

Hello everyone. This is my very first day of starting a blog. I always think its never too late to start something new in one’s life till you have that zeal. I hope that with time I will be able to share some of my life’s sweetest moments and some really exciting and interesting experiences with you all. Keep blogging and have a good day.