6 important things I experienced while I travelled in India

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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page~~~Saint Augustine

There are many different things in life to be learnt till you grow old. There are many different mediums that can teach you to change for the better. So, here are some of most important points, I feel , which I learnt from my travels. May be some of you can reflect on these and apply them in your lives. Happy & safe travelling to all !!!

  • 1. Adaptability : My journeys to nearly all the states of India dates back to the days, when I was hardly 2-3 years old. My father was a Professor & he used travel to many states in India for conferences. So, I along with my mom, backpacked ourselves to explore all the new places with my father. I was a rather cool kid 😛 , who liked travelling by train mostly. Earlier , we used to travel in sleeper class, which excited me all the more, because there comes many vendors to sell toys, games, fruits, etc. These things you wont get inside an AC cabin. The open windows gives you a clear picture of the community of the place you are passing by, unlike the tinted glass window of an AC cabin. There are people from all walks of life around you. From plush hotel rooms to mud plastered cottages, you will have to adjust between the extremes. But if your drive for travel is high, you can overcome any difficult situation. I have travelled in crowded buses, stayed in weak mud plastered cottage atop a hill with only a candle, ate simple roti dal with half cooked vegetables. Travelling teaches you to be adaptable to any situation you are in. There is no use of hue & cry over petty matters. What matters most is the changed person you become, with happiness, no matter how daring situations are.
  • 2. Discovery of the inner self : I came to realize as I travelled long & far with friends, that this is the thing that makes me the most happy & contented. Whether I am stuck between people in the local trains & buses, or putting up a night in a hill without network & electricity, the sense of exploring new places keeps me on the go anytime. An engineer by profession & a traveller by passion, is what truly defines me. I am in dire need of short breaks every 2 months. Its a cherry on cake if I get to travel every 1 month 😀 .
  • 3. Meeting new people & experiencing their cultures : This 3rd point excites me all the more, because with places, you get to meet different people, who can give you an unique insight for all things. I have visited 18 out of 28 states & 3 out of 7 union territories in India. According to me, its not a bad number, but I intend to visit these places yet again, only because of the hospitality of its people. There were some bitter experiences, but this is a part of life. You will have to accept it. India is really a country with unity in diversity, with varied features from east to west, cultural differences from north to south, so many different languages across the nation. And all are so unique that you wont find a replica anywhere.
  • 4. Taste of different cuisines : You need a break from your daily routine, and want to give your taste bud a new bang, then indulge into some delicacies, which are not local. It is obvious that with introduction of restaurants providing cuisines from all over the world, why would anyone spend so much bucks just to get some different tastes. But mind it, the originality & authenticity of a dish can be well perceived only when you are in the native place of that specific dish. Starting from Ilish Masor Sarsori of West Bengal to Dal-Baati Choorma of Rajasthan, Vinadaloo of Goa to Makki-Roti & Sarso-Saag of Punjab, Haleem of Andhra, Chettinad Chicken-Dosa-Idli-Rasam from the South to Parathas in Delhi, my taste buds have relished on every special treat available. I am feeling hungry writing about FOOD now 😛 . Most of all, I miss my Assamese Thali these days 😦 .
  • 5. Managing finances well : Travelling, first of all requires a specific plan— which places to visit & how much money you need to carry along for the whole trip. When you venture out for the 1st time you are not much aware exactly how much you will require to spend on a 2-3 days trip. Well, cost varies from staying in metros to trekking in the hills. But all these calculations comes with experience. I am not an extravagant traveller, so for the past 3 years, I have realized that a nearby destination within a range of 200Km will not cost more than Rs.2000-3000. You can also get some really good deals with discount coupons by surfing the internet from time to time, which can give you good amount of savings on your trips.
  • 6. Fear inside you dies : Most of all, the fear inside you dies to explore something new & unknown. You are no longer tied down to the periphery of your house by the shackles of fear. Once you are on the go, no one can stop you. Travelling may not be your top most pick for an idea of enjoyment, but those who do like this, please go and delve into the beautiful world, create memories, share your experiences and be happy.

I hope all the travellers liked this piece of mine. Please also feel free to share your experiences and comments. This is a very short list of lessons on the go, but I know with more upcoming trips on my list, there are still more things to learn, which I will share with you again.



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