Jus a thought…..

Feel the rays of Hope
Feel the rays of Hope

As if I have nothing interesting to do, I chose to have a chit chat with my monotony. This feeling may be common to many people doing jobs, i mean corporate jobs to be precise. Many may feel Corporate jobs are hectic, no proper timing to gulp down a piece meal and here I am getting all the time in the world to write a piece on this state of affairs. I never deny the fact that all type of jobs demand a busy schedule from us because we get paid for increasing profits in the big big cos. However, as individuals we get so much absorbed in the humdrum of this life that we forget to bring essence to our lives. Very few people try to break this monotony and do something which they really really like from within. It is not easy, as all of us, after acquiring great degrees, are expected to work and earn a living.  You get up in the morning, you work, you earn. And this process continues. Rather this scenario worsens, where the more harder you work, the more earnings you make, and this is damn sure that there is no end to this vicious cycle. We lose our inner self in this rat race. We aspire more, our cravings increase. May be I am sounding like a person with old orthodox views stopping people to dream less. Hush !! Hush !! Well, well, the idea of dreaming big is not something bad. But, do not lose the “INNER YOU” in the whole game.

This post may appear as too much philosophical or against someone’s ideologies. But these are my secret thoughts,which I am sharing. My way of finding my inner self is by “TRAVELLING” and I am pretty sure that all of you who have taken out some time to read this post has also got some unique way to break the barriers of your monotonous life and explore. Give it a thought…






10 thoughts on “Jus a thought…..”

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