Pattaya Beckons….. :)

Loma Resort & Spa
Loma Resort & Spa

A city located off the gulf of Thailand, famous for its beaches —-Pattaya 🙂 . Most commonly known as “Phatthaya” among locals, it is a small town flooded with tourists all the year around, from all parts of the world. I visited Thailand in the month of September 2013, along with my parents and our first halt was this beautiful beach town. Continue reading “Pattaya Beckons….. :)”


Chandrashila——@13800 feet above sea level



You get up one fine morning, and find yourself on the top of a hill, surrounded by captivating green meadows, the view of the clear sky with a fine streak of red line at edges to welcome the sun and above all FRESH air 🙂 . Serenity, calmness, tranquility—–words which direct to only 1 place, which I can imagine. Its definitely Chandrashila top. Continue reading “Chandrashila——@13800 feet above sea level”


Jus a thought…..

Feel the rays of Hope
Feel the rays of Hope

As if I have nothing interesting to do, I chose to have a chit chat with my monotony. This feeling may be common to many people doing jobs, i mean corporate jobs to be precise. Many may feel Corporate jobs are hectic, no proper timing to gulp down a piece meal and here I am getting all the time in the world to write a piece on this state of affairs. Continue reading “Jus a thought…..”