Nynee Taal>>>>Part 2—-Exploring the Caves

IMG_5464075591566After an adventurous journey and exciting tour of the beautiful Nainitaal the previous day, our gang was ready now to explore the remaining tourist locations- Ropeway & Eco Cave Gardens 🙂 . The Ropeway was near to the Mall Road, but there was a long queue and due to time constraint, we decided to drop the plan. Rather we rushed our way to the Eco Cave gardens. Not many people have much idea about this place, as Nainitaal is more recognised by its all famous lake-the Nynee Lake.

The pathways……

The Eco Cave Gardens are just on the entrance to Nainitaal. As I entered the garden, it reminded me of the fairy tales, I used to read during my childhood days. Lots of trees, narrow pathways, all nicely planned and made into a perfect jungle, to give every feeling to a tourist of being in the middle of a forest—like real explorers, on an exciting adventure. Our adventure was also no less interesting. It all started from finding a proper parking space for our dear Ritz, in the parking lot,then buying tickets—-and  there we enter into the eerie woods of the eco cave gardens—–a mixed feeling inside each 1 of us ‘excitement + a bit of fear’ 😮 . It consisted of 6 caves, all named after different animals-Tiger, Panther, Porcupine, Bat, Flying Fox and Ape 🙂 .


All the caves are interconnected and entering each one of these and getting out, gives you a mysterious kind of feeling. Crawling your way into these caves, sends down a shrill through your nerves. And we, as girls, never left a moment to shriek out when we saw some kind of tiny insects, or even if someone tapped us from the back 😛 . The Tiger Cave was the 1st cave, medium level steepness, we crossed it rather easily. Then comes the Panther cave, a bit more narrower than the previous one, still not much difficult. Then there was the Bats Cave, which we feared to enter, as there were many honey bees humming nearby. Not dangerous, but even more narrower and eerie. A healthy person will not be able to enter this cave. Even if he or she manages to enter, getting out of it will be a herculean task 😛 . So, all the healthy public out there, better not enter the “Bat Cave” when you plan a trip the next time. Rest of the three caves–Flying Fox, Ape & Porcupine were not much difficult to dig in.


1,2,3,4,5 & 6…..finally we completed our mission to explore all the 6 caves with full enthusiasm and excitement. Now, to give some amount of relief to our tiny souls, we took a break and had our all time favourite Maggi and Frooti at the roof top restaurant inside the garden. After that, we again resumed with our photo session, but this time in traditional Garhwali attire……we all looked so colourful and graceful 🙂 . All done, we decided to retuen back to the entrance, as it was getting late and we had to reach back home.


It was one of the most refreshing journey that I have undertaken in recent times——–full of fun & full of adventure. A trip to be remembered for many more days to come. And to add to the excitement, our car broke down after crossing more than 30Kms out of Nainitaal. Thanks to the Almighty that we were safe when driving on the hills, and this misfortune happened just on reaching the plain areas. Finding a garage, getting everything fixed took us some time, but when friends are together, then nothing to worry. Though we could not repair the car by ourselves, but we did not leave the slightest of effort to build each others hope on staying cheerful all throughout the uncanny incident. Finally, we were back on track to reach our destination “HOME”. Indeed a mind boggling trip it was. So, my dear friends, pack your bags, leave office tension aside for 2 days and plan a trip to this pristine hill station very soon, to relive the “adventurer” in you.


2 thoughts on “Nynee Taal>>>>Part 2—-Exploring the Caves”

  1. wow..while reading i was feeling like i was also one of you who was exploring the caves..really awesome!!!.. 🙂


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